For Connection of Micro-Generation Facilities 10 kW and under

Please read carefully before completing your application:

This application form is applicable to individual or multiple micro-embedded generating units at the Project location specified in this form with a total nameplate rating of 10 kW or less. Your micro-embedded generation facility must generate electricity from a renewable energy source that is either wind, water, solar radiation or agricultural biomass.

Inverter-based generating units must not inject DC greater than 0.5% of the full rated output current at the point of connection of the generating units. The generated harmonic levels must not exceed those given in the CAN/CSA-C61000-3-6 Standards. For more information please refer to Technical Interconnection Requirements For Distributed Generation - Micro Generation & Small Generation, 3-phase, less than 30 kW.

For generation facilities with a capacity over 10 kW, a Connection Impact Assessment will be required from Hydro One. To learn more about how to apply for a Connection Impact Assessment, please visit our website.

Acceptance of the condition below is required to continue working with this form. Selecting "I do not agree" will return you to the Feed-In Tariff Program webpage.

Applicants are cautioned NOT to incur major expenses unless Hydro One has made an Offer to Connect in respect of your proposed generation facility.

* By checking this box, the project owner(s) acknowledges and agree that the project owner(s) understand that the project owner(s) may NOT receive an Offer to Connect from Hydro One and that if the project owner(s) incur any costs related to the proposed micro-embedded generation facility without an Offer to Connect in your possession, those costs are being INCURRED AT YOUR/THEIR OWN RISK.

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Applicants are encouraged and cautioned to read and understand the Independent Electricity System Operator’s (the “IESO’s”) microFIT Rules, definitions and the microFIT Contract prior to submitting an Application to the IESO and this Micro-generation Connection Application (Form C) to Hydro One Networks Inc (“Hydro One”). It is the Applicant’s responsibility to understand the microFIT Rules, the microFIT Contract and the microFIT process that will be followed prior to a microFIT Contract being offered by the IESO. It is the sole risk of the Applicant if it does not understand the microFIT Rules and application process.

* Applicants must choose ONE of the following options that apply to their application submission:

This is an Application under the IESO Relocation Program with changes to the location of the generator
This is a REVISED Form C application as requested by Hydro One
This is a NEW Form C Application to Hydro One